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North American Fashion Retailer

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Leading North American Fashion Retailer


The TiltCo Approach

The Head of HR for a leading North American fashion retailer approached TILTCO with an important question: “How do we adapt our organization structure to run our new global business?”

TILTCO helped our client design an organizational structure that fit corporate strategy while also building the client’s own capabilities in organizational design. First, we developed a vision for the global business. Second, we facilitated a process for each functional group to determine what activities needed to remain centrally at headquarters versus delegated to the regions. Third, we insisted on looking beyond the boxes and charts to determine what processes would need to change, how the culture would need to evolve, and what systems would be impacted by this new global business. Finally, we tied the work together into an integrated picture for the near and longer term global organization design, including a roadmap to help the organization track progress.