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Major North American Retailer


The TiltCo Approach

Recently appointed as COO, our client was determined to continue his track record of delivering exceptional results. But, he quickly recognized that the organization needed a shake up. Despite years of tremendous success, his company was facing increased competition, rising cost pressures and the acceleration of multi-channel retailing.

Our client needed to rethink what the organization focused on and how they got it done. And he knew he would only succeed if all his leaders were aligned on the new direction and equipped to lead.

The COO and Head of HR partnered with TILTCO to ensure the company’s top 100 leaders were ready and willing to lead this change. Together, we delivered a program that closely tied the overall strategy, culture, and leadership skills together.

We started by clearly defining WHAT the new strategy should be and HOW the organization would need to adapt to achieve it. We then designed and delivered a “field and forum” leadership program to discuss the strategy and build the requisite skills. Our program included quarterly workshops with the top 100, coupled with regular cross-functional learning pods and 1:1 coaching. The approach ensured learnings from workshops were quickly put into action, and adjusted as needed for maximum impact. Throughout, we measured progress using existing employee satisfaction survey questions.

To institutionalize the new coaching culture, TILTCO was closely tied in with the Chief of Staff and Head of HR as they adapted their planning process, adjusted their HR systems and communicated to the organization.

Results-Oriented Statistics

After one working session – 96% of participants said they had a better understanding of the company’s strategic plan, 87% felt like they were better equipped to deliver.

  • Statistically significant jump in employee ratings from previous year e.g.,
    • COO enjoyed significant improvement in his leadership scores, including 8 point increase in team members feelings of being motivated and a 6 point increase in being aligned and supported by leaders to deliver results.
    • A 12 point increase in employees feeling informed about plans and objectives.
    • 14 point increase in the leadership team providing clear sense of direction.
  • And, the best part, the internal HR team developed the capabilities to run program independently through year 2 – maintaining the momentum and results.