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Technology Division of a North American Bank

Company Profile

Technology Division of a North American Bank


The TiltCo Approach

When our client stepped into his new role as CTO, he had big ambitions. He knew the status quo wasn’t an option as his company was facing unprecedented competition, rapidly changing technology, and rising cost pressures. But what should he do and how should he do it?

TILTCO helped the CTO articulate a vision for the future and implement a performance improvement program. Our work covered the full range of actions needed to help this leader excel, from identifying gaps in current state to helping execute changes. To drive pace TILTCO formed a mini-SWAT team to manage the program, lead change and communications, and “pinch-hit” on various workstreams or deliverables as-needed.

Some highlights of the work include:

  • Developing and rolling out the program vision across the organization – including integrating into objective-setting and performance management systems.
  • Designing the new operating model and then transitioning 3000 employees to the new structure.
  • Supporting the launch of new Cloud-based technologies to help modernize training.
  • Transforming the approach to communications to ensure a structured, consistent, and ongoing conversation throughout the organization. Our approach was multi-channel and modern, combining regular working sessions with leadership symposiums, videos, infographics, live chats, social media and more.

Results-Oriented Statistics

  • Over 3,000 team members transitioned successfully to the new organization structure without any negative impact on the business.
  • Employee satisfaction scores maintained despite significant amount of change (e.g., new leadership team, new roles, new mandate).