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Organization reboot: Enabling a new business strategy

Company Profile

Organization reboot: Enabling a new business strategy

The Tiltco Approach

To keep pace with disrupting technology, our client – a leading Canadian Healthcare organization – boldly set a new strategy. It was ambitious and clearly mapped out a new way forward. The problem: their organization wasn’t well-positioned to make it happen.

The Solution: We used TILTCO’s Organization Strategic Readiness Approach to quickly identify how the organization needed evolve to achieve its strategic aspirations.

  • Leveraged our organization assessment tools quickly and honed in on the strengths of the organization, and identified the areas to evolve to deliver the strategy
  • Partnered with the executive team, we redesigned the overall organization structure to better align with new strategic objectives
  • Developed an organization rollout plan to enable positive transitions of team members
  • Implemented creative launch and rollout programs to engage the broader organization

Improved the working dynamics of the leadership team to improve overall effectiveness

Results-Oriented Statistics

  • Significant operational costs savings due to a more efficient organization structure
  • Increased employee engagement scores
  • Improved executive team dynamics that aligned to the new strategy