Investing in Human Performance = Elevating Business Performance.

Jodi Baker Calamai, Deloitte Canada’s National Managing Partner of Human Capital shares perspectives on how the future of work is now, the unparalleled opportunities it creates to make work better for humans and humans better at work, and how leaders can embrace this once in a lifetime opportunity to innovate.

  • It’s a unique time for humans around the world to figure out what the next phase of ‘work’ looks like. We are experiencing seismic and simultaneous shifts – AI, multi-generational workforces, geopolitical dynamics, expectations around work – that are requiring us to re-think our approach to work. The future of work is here – it’s no longer 30 years out. 
  • COVID’s impact on work was much bigger than shifting just where we work. COVID changed how we work, where we worked, and how we collaborated. It also changed perspectives on productivity and how we measure work outcomes and performance.
  • Making work better for humans and humans better at work matters. Businesses that prioritize people and put the right investments in place to drive people outcomes have 1.75 times better business performance. It’s about human and business performance.
  • Generative AI provides a unique opportunity for organizations to consider what they want humans to be doing. The impact of Generative AI is real, and it is immediate. Curious organizations are being proactive in considering how they want to harness the power of Generative AI to drive better results for the business and for their teams.
  • Leaders need to be curious, collaborative, and innovative. Change is here. Great leaders are learning how to get smart about these shifts and to consider the impact on their teams. They are learning how to build trust to give employees confidence in the evolution. Dynamic leaders are proactively experimenting with new ways of getting things done.
  • Ambitious HR teams should ask their business partners: What’s OUR vision for the future? What outcomes are we driving? By aligning the business around the future and the implications for people, HR teams can become stronger strategic partners and business enablers.
  • Jump in. Don’t get bogged down. Be part of the solution. Individuals should embrace the uncertainty and be part of the solution. Doing so will allow them to learn, reskill and create spaces to perform their absolute best.

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Meet Jodi Baker Calamai

Jodi is Deloitte’s Canada’s National Managing Partner of Human Resources. She and her teams are focused on end-to-end people, culture, and HR uplift to make work better for humans and humans better at work. She is an accomplished thought leader having published numerous books and articles.

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