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Organization reboot: Enabling a new business strategy

To keep pace with disrupting technology, our client – a leading Canadian Healthcare organization – boldly set a new strategy. It was ambitious and clearly mapped out a new way forward. The problem: their organization wasn’t well-positioned to make it happen.

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Strategy jump-start: Moving an organization toward a bold, new vision

Big ambitions led our client – a small, development company – to completely pivot its company’s direction. The strategy was clear in their mind. The problem: They had a new team and didn’t have the business processes or culture in place to bring the strategy to life.

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Strategy v2.0: Defining steps in the plan to get to a bold vision

Our client – a large technology group with a Canadian Bank – made tremendous progress against their 3 to 5 year strategy. They had accomplished many of their goals in record time and were looking to define what was next. It was now time for the next phase. To build on their previous success, they knew they needed to set a clear strategy their people understood and felt energized to pursue. Plus, they needed to organize their business to enable their people to deliver the refreshed strategy.

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Modernizing a company’s strategic communications

With a new organization strategy in hand, our client – a much-loved Canadian retailer – knew their success depended on employees. Problem: They needed to rally their leaders and teams around the new strategy and engage them to bring it to life.

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