The Leader Imperative: Enabling people leaders with AI

AI is powerfully evolving jobs, organizations and industries. Will it redefine what it means to be a leader, too?

In this episode of LeaderLab, we are joined by Levi Goertz, Head of Client Solutions at Valence, who helps us unravel how AI may automate and augment leadership with workforce trends and insights to speed up decision-making. But AI is only a tool and the value of human connection, empathy and intentionality will likely remain irreplaceable.

In our conversation, Levi shares the following insights:

  • Effective leadership has always been a combination of intuition and data.
    “Psychological safety, trust, strong communication that hasn’t changed and I don’t think it will change. How you achieve it changes.”
  • AI can be a valuable partner to people leaders, offering them the data and insights to make a greater impact on their teams.
    “Rather than starting from a blank cursor or page, you can get a first draft ready based on a series of inputs… and so instead of spending time gathering all the data and prepping everything, you can spend a good 45 minutes thinking about how you’ll share the feedback and that will have a much higher impact on your team.”
  • Intentional reflection done consistently is a key practice behind the best people leaders.
    “Invest a bit of time in the reflection of your people, how you think your team is responding to you, maybe get some feedback from them on how you are doing, and also, most importantly, consider the impact you’re having on the people you’re leading.”

Learn how Levi and the team at Valence are using AI to build more successful and empathetic leaders and teams:

Meet Levi Goertz

Levi leads Client Solutions at Valence and lives for you to make an impact with our tools. He joined Valence in the early days and has worked with 100% of our clients who use the tools. He wants to bring that knowledge to you.

Levi previously co-founded a software startup that grew organically to over 100 staff with operations in 22 countries across Africa and Asia.

He learned how to tuck in his shirt and support client success at McKinsey & Company where he advised on organizational transformations and IT projects.

Despite being a hippie in his youth Levi now has an MBA from UC Berkeley and a B. Eng from the University of Saskatchewan. He spends Saturdays riding a giant cargo bike taking his 2 children to hockey.


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