Why teams are critical to performance

Parker Mitchell, the CEO of SHIFT, talks to us about feedback and effectively engaging with your team can spur leaders and teams to greatness.

Is employee engagement possible in our current virtual world of work? It’s not only possible, it’s imperative in building and maintaining high-performing teams. In this episode, Parker Mitchell, CEO of SHIFT joins us to talk about how a human-first approach to leadership can spur teams to greatness. 

Practical ways to engage your teams: 

  • You don’t have to dive into the feedback pool if that’s not comfortable for you. Instead, pick one or two things you want to improve and invite others to offer you feedback to focus your efforts.  
  • To build team cohesion in our virtual workplace, intentionally surface what may be holding your team back at home, so the team, together, can negotiate fair trade offs. 
  • Your team can help you build better teams. Engage them in solutions by asking yourself how you can step back so they can take the reins.  

Meet Parker Mitchell 

Parker Mitchell is the CEO of SHIFT, an online platform that helps leaders build happier, healthier, more effective teams. Prior to starting SHIFT, Parker worked as a consultant with McKinsey and then as the Deputy to the co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates. Parker also founded and led Engineers without Borders, an award-winning social-mission organization. Over the past decade, Parker has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, was selected one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40, has received two Honorary Doctorates of Engineering and was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross from the Government of Canada. 


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